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We are the WV Visionary Group.

We are made up of educators, business, community and government representatives; mentors, coaches and advocates who have pledged to help the future leaders of West Virginia —our kids—by offering our talents, skills and resources to support initiatives that aid in their progress and the success of West Virginia. 

West Virginia is our home. Our children are our future. We want our children to have opportunities to live, work and raise their families in West Virginia, should they choose. 

WV Visionary Group founders Jim Scott and Alisha Maddox graduated in 2014 from Leadership West Virginia (LWV)- a statewide program aimed to develop, strengthen and connect emerging leaders across the state. After learning of the challenges facing West Virginia's education system, they began discussions with the state's elected officials, educators, administrators, community and business leaders, parents and students to learn more, and the ways in which they could help. 

About 177,000 students are currently enrolled in schools across West Virginia. 

What We Learned: 

We've heard your cry from teachers for resources to promote social and emotional well-being. We've seen how lives can change through values-based learning and best practices for producing new and sustainable behavior for enhanced outcomes. We know a pay-it-forward process can positively impact West Virginia by using multi-modality lessons to teach healthy, optimal ways of living. 

Armed with this Knowledge: 

We believe a quality eduction, along with inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, allows kids to identify and share their voices in decisions that impact their learning, development, relationships, and ways in which they manage life's challenges and successes. 

The WV Visionary Group along with Jeff Patnaude, world-renown transformational leader, have developed a values-based, character-building program for students—Habits of Heroes: 12 Practices for the Greater Good. 

We are inspired, encouraged and empowered. Watch our testimonial video about the Habits of Heroes program. We hope you will join us in our effort. Learn more by contacting Alisha at or by calling (304) 419-0806. 


WV Visionary Group

Board of Directors


Relocation Strategies



Martinsburg High School (retired)



Carver Career & Technical Center

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Charles Ryan Associates



Ben Franklin Career & Technical Center

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       Kathleen McNally


Southern Regional Education Board


John Norman, First Energy

Carol Smith, West Virginia Bar Admissions, WV Judiciary

Kimberly Foore, WVUOnline

Judy York, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Jon McCormick, Calhoun-Gilmer Technical Center

Adrienne Samples, Adrienne Grass Associates

Andrea McCardle, WVU Women’s Business Center

Jeff Patnaude and Gary Malkin, Mentor Advisors

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